Introducing Gorgeous Millie–The Children’s Book!


Brilliant Sky Toys and Books will host a book reading of Introducing Gorgeous Millie on Tuesday February 25 at 11:00 a.m.  I recently interviewed the authors, Dr. Allison Metz and Barbara Ruth, to learn a little more about this charming story with a message.

Tell us a little about yourselves and what inspired you to write this book.

Dr. Allison Metz is a developmental psychologist who works in the areas of child welfare and early care and education.  Allison’s career is mission-driven in that she believes that all children deserve to feel safe, to have a permanent home, and to have a positive sense of well-being. Her dedication to children’s issues and the love she feels for her daughter inspired her to write this book with her mom Barbara. Simply put, Allison believes that all children, no matter their circumstance, should be able to feel gorgeous on the inside and out.    Allison lives in Washington, DC with her husband and their daughter Maddie who is the inspiration for Millie.

Ms. Barbara Ruth worked in New Jersey schools as an elementary school teacher and librarian.  As a school librarian she enjoyed nurturing children’s joy of reading.  During her years in elementary education she observed children struggling with peer pressure. Some were readily able to handle peer pressure while others needed guidance.  As a librarian she saw that books often helped children understand that they were not alone.  Gorgeous Millie is a book that gives children an avenue to understand the happiness of seeing and enjoying things for themselves.  The book also provides an outlet for adults to continue the dialogue with their children and help them feel good about their individuality. Barbara lives with her husband in Alexandria, Virginia.

Is the Millie character based on a child that you know?

Yes, Millie is based on Allison’s daughter Maddie (Barbara’s granddaughter).  Allison began calling her daughter “gorgeous” from the moment she laid eyes on her.  Allison and Barbara believe that children’s individuality and spirit should be protected, nurtured, and loved.  To this end, every time Millie is true to herself, her mom tells her she is “gorgeous” or what she has chosen is “gorgeous.”

Tell us a little about Millie!

She is an energetic, empathic, happy, and whimsical child. She enjoys questioning and experiencing the things around her.  As with any child, especially girls perhaps, she wants to please and often wonders what the “right” answer is.  Millie’s family nurtures Millie’s sense of self and identity which helps her to develop her own ideas and make decisions that feel right to her “on the inside.”  

Why, ‘gorgeous’?

As children hear the word gorgeous they often interpret it as something that is wonderful and extraordinary. Using the word in this story lets children know that gorgeous is their interpretation of things.

In the story, gorgeous has so many meanings – beauty, love, generosity, truth, individuality, and self-esteem.  It’s a powerful word that makes Millie feel incredibly worthy on the inside which is what matters the most.  At the same time, the word gorgeous is fun and whimsical – Hearing “Hello Gorgeous!” would put a smile on anyone’s face.  Millie’s mom uses the word so often that it becomes synonymous with her positive parenting techniques.

Allison and Barbara see Introducing Gorgeous Millie as the beginning of a “Gorgeous Parenting” movement across the country. They are hard at work on their second book, “Gorgeous Millie Gets a Pet…or two…or three…”  Allison has been blogging for Gorgeous Millie for the past two years on a wide range of parenting topics – everything from potty training, to educational technology, to safety to friendships and socio-emotional development – and every blog ends with a gorgeous parenting tip!

Allison and Barbara see Millie as the foundation for their broader parenting message that both children and parents should feel worthy, happy, confident, and…well…gorgeous!  Children who feel gorgeous will help others feel gorgeous too.

You can go to to the Gorgeous Millie blog page to view a post on starting a Child’s Book Club.  Introducing Gorgeous Millie would be the perfect book to start a club!


Can’t make the reading? You can purchase Introducing Gorgeous Millie on Amazon.

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