Goodnight ABC

One of my favorite things about living in Austin is its creative culture.  It seems every other person I meet here is creating in some way.  I find it really inspiring to be around so many people who are interested in exploring different ways to express themselves and make a living in a way that is on their own terms and fulfilling.

Here’s a perfect example of what I just described:  Not too long ago, I saw that a friend of mine had “liked” an educational App for children on Facebook.  I decided to check it out for myself, bought it for my 2 1/2-year-old daughter (We let her play and learn on our iPad for 10 minutes each day), and it quickly became her favorite.  In one of those “it’s such a small city” moments that I seem to have a lot living in Austin, I recently found out that the App, Goodnight ABC, was developed by the parents of a child that attends school with my daughter.

In a departure from my typical approach to posts for Kid Culture Austin, I decided to interview co-creator Marina Litinsky to get the inside scoop on the product she and her husband developed.

Jennifer: What inspired you to make Goodnight ABC?

Marina Litinski: First of, thank you Jennifer for taking an interest in our Apps, and I’m very happy to share this information with you and all your fans.  I’ve been working in Austin ISD for many years, and I have a toddler of my own (he is now our official beta tester). As an educator and a parent I learned two very important things. Parents want their kids to learn and become a success. Kids, on the other hand, want to play and have fun. We thought that those two desires don’t have to conflict with each other. In fact, learning can and should be fun, and this is the exact philosophy behind Goodnight ABC and all our future Apps. With Goodnight ABC there are no boring drills or rote memorization. Kids learn naturally by playing and having loads of fun in the process. Is is a lesson or a game? Your child will not be able to tell the difference! You can stay in the underwater hotel, mine for precious stones, take a ride on a hot air balloon, hatch a dinosaur egg, or go on a shopping spree while learning the alphabet, letter sounds, vocabulary, numbers, colors and much more.

Jennifer:  How did your doctorate in Educational Psychology inform the development of the App?

Marina Litinski:  Since this is an App aimed at educating kids, it definitely helps to have a background in education. What works for adults and what works for kids may be two entirely different things. We did our best to make an App that’s both entertaining and educational, so that learning becomes its own intrinsic reward. I think we accomplished that, because kids don’t seem to want to put it down, and parents can feel guilt free about letting their little ones doodle with their iPad or iPhone.

Jennifer:  What is your favorite function of Goodnight ABC?

Marina Litinski:  We worked very hard on every small detail of every one of the 26 pages, so it is hard to play favorites 🙂:-) I love the Panda page because it’s just so cute, and I like Zebra, because it’s a virtual boutique shopping experience. Visiting the farm on the Cow page and making ice cream is super cool, but so is finding aliens or going on a Safari trip. You got me there, I really can’t choose.

Jennifer:  I hear you have a new app in the works. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Marina Litinski:  Yes, the new App is scheduled for launch within the next several weeks, and, if I may say so myself, it will be spectacular. Without revealing too much, let me just say that it will have beautiful classical music, a cartoon, a storybook, and will be packed with interactive games and activities. It’s enchanting and visually beautiful (the art is truly spectacular), and just in time for the holiday season. We’ll be revealing the details on our FB page So, stay tuned!

If you are interested in Goodnight ABC, here’s the App Store URLs for the
iPad and iPhone versions:


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-Jennifer Rustgi, Kid Culture Austin


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